About Us

Our History


Where it all began

Bensons was founded in 1961 by Donald Benson when he began supplying oil gauges, rotary cup burners and controls to the commercial and industrial gas sector. The business quickly grew and in 1964, Donald was joined by Bernard Barton and a team of service engineers. The company continued to sell burners and associated equipment while developing a strong customer base servicing commercial gas appliances.


Expansion was required

During the early 1960s, the company operated from the Benson’s family home in North Yorkshire but by 1966 it was clear that bigger premises were needed. Offices were built in Normanton, West Yorkshire and completed in 1967. The addition of our sister company Bensons Control Panels came in 1968.


Changing times

Bensons became CORGI registered in the early 1970s. Development in new technologies meant that gas central heating became widely accessible during the 70s.


Decades of business

In 1985 Donald Benson retired and Bernard Barton took over the business. With strategic investment and developments in new technology, Bensons entered new markets as the business continued to grow.


Family is still key

We may have expanded but family is still at the heart of our team, with a supportive and friendly environment throughout the business. Helen Culloden, Bernard Barton’s daughter, is now managing director and while driving the company forwards, Helen is proud to retain the strong company values the business was founded upon, all the way back in 1961.


Looking forward

Although we’re proud of our history, our sights are firmly set on the future. With continuous investment in our people and our business, we’re proud to be a leader in commercial gas engineering.