Upgrades & Modification

Replacements, alterations, improvements; whatever you need, we deliver upgrades and modifications to bring cost-savings and improved efficiency to your business.

As your business evolves, we can replace commercial gas appliances to meet your changing needs, helping you meet energy efficiency requirements while ensuring you comply with all the relevant regulations. We can also make alterations to existing commercial heating systems as your business grows, for example, following a building extension.

Worried about your inefficient boiler? We can help you choose a more efficient system.

Regular problems with leaking pipes, burst expansion vessels or faulty equipment? We can advise if a modification to the existing system is required.

Or if you’d simply like general advice on your current systems, we’re always happy to make recommendations. We’ll assess whether any upgrades and modifications could be beneficial, explaining all the options, allowing you to make an informed choice.

Need help with upgrades and modifications?

If you have commercial gas appliances or heating systems that need upgrading or modifying simply fill out the form. We’ll get in touch to discuss your problem and recommend the right solution for you.