Case Study

Thomas Fawcett & Sons

Location: Castleford

Sector: Manufacturing

Thomas Fawcett & Sons has been serving the brewing industry for over 200 years. A seventh-generation family business, the company manufactures malts (an essential ingredient in beer making), from its site in Castleford, West Yorkshire. The company manufactures over 30 different malts on the site with its products being widely acclaimed by customers for their outstanding quality. As the business exports malts to over 30 countries worldwide, it’s essential that the burners used in the roasting process are always working efficiently to maintain production.

The Brief

To ensure reliability across the production line, Thomas Fawcett & Sons engaged Bensons as its commercial gas engineering partner. As such, Bensons’ brief is to ensure productivity at the facility is protected while maintaining minimum downtime.

The Solution

Bensons regularly visits Fawcetts to assess their commercial gas engineering needs. As with all its customers, Bensons provides a flexible approach. This is particularly important for Fawcetts as gas maintenance site visits are often required outside normal production hours. The commercial gas appliances used in the malting process are highly specialised and require in-depth knowledge which the experienced Bensons engineers deliver.

The Results

Bensons always responds to Fawcetts quickly when commercial gas repairs are required, or gas appliances require maintenance. Bensons’ quick response service keeps the production line running efficiently and supports Fawcetts as they deliver their first-class malts to customers across the globe.

What Did the Client Think?

Thomas Fawcett & Sons Ltd is an independent family-owned business that has been making specialty malts for well over 200 years. We produce a very wide range of crystal malts and roasted malts for the brewing and food industries. These products are made in rotating roasting drums heated by gas burners in small batch sizes and are produced to order. We have very limited storage space on site, so continuous production is essential. We rely on Bensons to service the gas burners and to provide an emergency call-out facility if there are any problems. We have used Bensons for many years and they have always managed to keep us going, despite some of our gas burner equipment being quite old and bespoke, and we are very happy with the support and service we get from them.

Brian Hickman

Production Director

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