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5 reasons to book your school equipment maintenance over the summer

As schools break up for the summer, heating may be the last thing on any facility manager’s mind. However, keeping gas appliances running smoothly is a year-round job – and particularly important for UK schools. While the kids are off, now is the best time to book  the annual maintenance and safety checks for all your commercial gas fired heating and hot water appliances   

You can book yours in now to get the same benefits for your school: 

1. Maintaining compliance 

Servicing your boilers and other heating appliances should not be an afterthought for the new school year. With Bensons, you can book planned preventative maintenance schedules that are compliant with your school’s health and safety inspections. Protect your equipment and reputation by planning ahead. 

2. More availability of engineers 

During the warmer months, boiler repair callouts drop by up to 156%, while they can increase by up to 278% in the winter months. For better engineer availability, as well as preventing emergency repairs, it’s best to book your service now. 

3. Prevention of emergency repairs 

School children are classed as vulnerable people, so maintaining a safe environment is critical. The winter months are renowned for problems with appliances, such as boilers failing to fire up, heat not circulating around buildings, , loss of boiler pressure or leaking radiators & pipework.  We service a large range of both commercial and domestic appliances to minimise disruption and keep your school safe year-round. Be prepared for winter and spot any potential problems early. 

4. Less demand on equipment 

From large catering kitchens to standard heating systems and even Bunsen burners, schools place a huge demand on gas-fired appliances. Arranging  your maintenance out of term time will reduce disruption, keeping lessons running smoothly and students well-fed. 

5. Planning finances 

With school financial years predominantly ending in April, summer is a great time to schedule in maintenance and remedial works, helping to prevent  unexpected bills at financially difficult times, summer is a time for renewed budgets. Again, maintenance is far less costly than emergency repairs – so plan ahead and keep finance teams happy.  

Book your maintenance with Bensons Gas Engineering 

With more than 60 years’ experience, our team of highly qualified Gas Safe  engineers have knowledge of a wide range of commercial gas appliances ranging from water heaters, warm air heaters. The engineers area also IPAF registered to enable them to work safely on high level sports hall heaters.   

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We’ve worked with schools around Yorkshire and all our staff are fully DBS checked for your peace of mind.  

You can plan scheduled maintenance or book repairs, upgrades and modifications across a range of appliances including: 

Commercial and industrial boilers 

Water heaters 

Air heaters 

Catering appliances. 

Keep your students and staff safe ready for next term – that’s one thing off your list. 

Book your maintenance here > 

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