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Timely servicing of commercial boilers will help save money in current cost of living crisis

The cold, dark days of winter are just around the corner and the cost of living is rising dramatically, with the UK one of the hardest hit countries. Due to the after-effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine, prices for both gas and electricity have reached record levels.  

Research from the Gas Safe Register has found that nearly a third of people in the UK will skip their annual boiler check this year due to the cost-of-living crisis, even though regular servicing can help gas appliances run more efficiently and, as a result, save money on household bills. It is vital that gas appliances are regularly checked to prevent gas leaks and the risk of carbon monoxide being released. Regular servicing and maintenance of gas appliances prolongs their lifespan and minimises the risk of major breakdowns and associated costs of emergency repair or replacement. 

Reducing the risk of replacing a boiler

By servicing your boiler annually, minor maintenance issues can be fixed before they become costly repairs. Minor issues can turn into big problems over the course of a few months. The better condition of your boiler, the longer it will last, saving money on installing a new boiler before you need to.  

Reducing costs by increasing efficiency

Any heating system runs more effectively if it is maintained correctly. Efficient boilers do not have to work as hard to heat a building, burning less gas to create more heat, giving better value for money. 

Staying safe from gas leaks

An annual boiler service will make sure your heating system is working safely and efficiently, spotting risks from gas leaks and other boiler related safety concerns, fixing faults where needed. Faulty boilers can cause fires, explosions and water leaks, risking damage to buildings and danger to life.  

Protecting your warranty

An annual service keeps your manufacturer’s warranty valid. Many commercial boilers have extended warranties of around five years, covering repair and breakdown costs if something goes wrong. However, it is a requirement by the manufacturer that the boiler is checked and serviced annually, or the warranty will be invalid. In addition, it is often a stipulation in building’s insurance that an annual service and checks are carried out. 

Book a commercial boiler service today

At Benson’s we’ve been servicing commercial boilers and heating appliances for decades, old or new, large or small, we have experience with them all! All our gas engineers are employed directly so we can invest in their continuing professional training making them the best in the industry. 

We offer annual service plans, planned maintenance schedules and one-off service options with no contract needed. To find out more, click here or call us on: 01924 894162 or e-mail hello@bensonsgas.co.uk 

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