Water Heater Repair and Replacement

We offer quality water heater repair and replacement, conducted by gas safe professionals

At Bensons, we’re experts on gas appliances of all kinds, from boilers to warm air heaters and everything in between. Our expertise extends to the installation and maintenance of water heaters, to help you keep the hot water running all year round.

Unlike domestic properties, which increasingly rely on combination boilers for both hot water and heating, many commercial properties still rely on water heaters separate from their central heating systems. Commercial water heaters traditionally consist of a water tank that is heated using gas to bring hot water to your taps, but some more modern systems don’t require a tank and heat water instantly.

Whether your heater is tanked or tankless, our talented water heater repair professionals and qualified installers have decades of knowledge and expertise to ensure every job is done to a high standard.

Working closely with key suppliers means we can easily source parts for your water heater repair, and keeping components in our vans and vehicles helps us to achieve our aim of a first-time repair.

Water Heater Installation

Maybe you’ve decided to replace an ageing water heater with a more efficient appliance. Or maybe your old one is broken and you need a replacement. Whatever the case, our hot water heater installers are here for you.

Our gas safe professionals are confident in all aspects of the installation and hot water heater replacement process, from safely removing the old unit to performing safety checks on your shiny new one. Better still, they receive manufacturer-specific training, meaning they won’t encounter any surprises when fitting your heater.

Heater Installers Near Me

Bensons are Yorkshire’s leading experts in all things gas, serving the entire county to keep their appliances running smoothly. Whether you live in Barnsley, Huddersfield, Halifax or Wakefield, our engineers are waiting to help you.

Need help with commercial gas appliance repairs?

If you have a commercial gas appliance that needs fixing, simply fill out the form giving a brief description of the commercial gas repair required and we’ll get back to you.